We, the Paladiya’s, are very specific about choosing our diamonds coming from selected mines, which have a known name in this business.

The Founder of the company Mr. Virji Paladiya himself steps at site every-time to select the best of the available stones that would be then transformed into the Prestigious Product for all our Beloved Customer.

Each diamond is sourced safely, and then carefully cut, properly polished and greatly graded before it can be inscribed with all the new technologies, which makes you to own it more. Paladiya has now grown itself by the new innovations of high quality and having a valuable impact.

All the diamonds are sourced from the selected mines. Each mines meets our standards of expectations of business, social and also fulfills a third party audit.

The only reason why our products quality is so Superlative is because, (as mentioned above) every single rough stone is selected by the founder of the company himself.