Selected Creamed Rough Stones are then handed over to Mr. Jignesh Sheliya and team, having a deep experience of about 2 decades in their field.

Our well-experienced sorting masters, distinguishes each small characteristics of a rough diamond to attain our quality standards. The sorters who has years of experience and expertise, looks at the color, size and shape of the diamond.

Once mined, diamonds must be sorted before they can be cut or polished.Initially, diamonds are divided into gem quality diamonds (highest quality, used for jewelry), industrial diamonds (mid-quality, used in industry, often for cutting other diamonds), and crushing-boart or boart diamonds (lowest quality, crushed and used in polishing process) (Rough Diamond Sorting, 2015).

Once gem quality diamonds are isolated, they are further sorted based on their carat, cut, clarity, and color.

Only 20 % of the world production of rough diamonds is intended for the jewelry (gem quality) and 80 % for the industrial uses. There would be more than 5,000 possible rough diamond classifications.