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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy commands the regulations in which Paladiya Brothers & Co. uses, preserves and reveals the information gathered from users. This Privacy Policy is applicable to all products and services activities offered by our website pb.diamonds.

We may collect personal and business information from users by various resources we provide them on this website for use of specific kind of services and activities available on this website, however a-user/users can visit this website as unknown except restricted service and activities.

Our website browser cookies may also collect the information of users’ computer and relevant internet or browsers. Users can opt out, but it may affect the functions of this website and may not allow the users to use it conveniently.

We never share users’ personal information neither trade nor rent them at all, we may share assemblage diagrammatic information of users to promote our business.

You/The Users may find the products, service or any content on other linked websites or partners or promoters, you are utter abided to all the terms and policies offered by them.

We may change or edit our privacy policy, you are advised keep checking frequently while you address this website, your continuous use of this website declares that you are agreeing our privacy policy, if you are not agreeing our privacy policy, you are solemnly requested to quit from here at this moment.

If you have any question or advice about privacy policy or service or activities available on this website please tell us here: info@pb.diamonds